Bespoke Uniforms Since 1989

Some of Our Previous Clients

Over the years we've worked with a huge variety of clients & customers. We've been tasked with everything from a single one-off T-shirt, to creating bespoke uniforms for an entire hotel chain..

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apex hotels
balmoral hotel
the scottish parliament
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We've used an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin, and turned it into a pattern for a suit lining. We've been given a photograph from a camera phone, and created a bespoke logo that's gone on everything from shirts and mugs to aprons and more. Whatever you have, from a rough concept to a finished design, we can help show you how it would look in different situations, on different products, and help simplify the process along the way. Every project is unique - they have different budgets, different goals and different time-scales. Whether you're organising a bachelor party, opening a restaurant, or launching a festival, we can help guide you through the process of getting from an idea to a finished item, with the minimum of fuss - delivering on-time, within budget and most importantly, remaining as close to the original concept as possible.